Dot Frame Classic Modular Shelving Unit


Our award-winning dot Frame classic modular shelving unit has 86 holes, allowing shelves, pegs and other accessories to be attached effortlessly. A resilient structure made from solid oak wood that can withstand the weight of your essentials. Feel free to customise it in any way you want.

Fast & easy installation in your home or office: Simply drill the solid oak frame onto your wall using our strong steel fixtures. We supply paper templates to help guide you with the drilling. Add your shelves and other accessories and abracadabra.. you’re all set!

What’s included in the pre-configured dot Frame classic?

1 X Solid Oak Frame
4 x Steel fixtures
1 X Magazine Shelf
3 x White Shelves

Want to customise your dot Frame classic ?

Simply add the frame only option to your basket and then click here to visit our storage add-ons to create your perfect combination.

Dimensions: 1838mm x 738mm x 38mm

Materials: solid oak natural lacquered, powder coated steel.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.


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