About us

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Not every brand is passionate about what they do. Not every brand strives to make a difference. At dot.home, we do both. our creative vision is focused on creating durable, versatile and stylish pieces for the modern home that change the way people look at furniture. This vision is made a reality by our team of dedicated, professional designers and furniture makers, who design and handcraft intelligent furniture solutions from sustainably sourced materials.



All of our woods are treated to ensure that they retain their natural lustre and stand the test of time. What's more, their modular design, means they can be modified to fit any purpose. Our pieces never outlive their function.

Eco-friendly sustainable materials

We put our heart into our designs and the heart back into the creation process by only using wood that has been sustainably sourced. A healthy, happy tree makes for a higher quality end product.


We want our furniture to inspire the playful and the creative. So go ahead and add or remove shelves, make a feature of any accessory from our range or even fix more than one piece together to expand the room’s storage potential. There are no such things as limits here.