Decoration ideas for the modern hallway

Design ideas for the modern hallway

It’s the first area or space you or a visitor to your home encounter. Your hallway sets the tone for the rest of your home so it’s vitally important that your decor reflects this. Of course, each hallway is different in shape and size but they all share common needs such as somewhere to store coats, shoes, keys and other daily accessories.

Your hallway decor is normally a reflection of your personality but is almost always constrained by the space available to you. We all dream of lavish open spaces but these days new developments are squeezing space out of our homes requiring us to think creatively about how best to utilise the area both functionally as well as aesthetically.

Keeping your hall in bright neutral colours will help keep an airy open feel especially if there isn’t a window or glass in your front door that allows natural light to seep through. A neutral coloured hallway can be made interesting with small bursts of colour by clever use of artwork, decorative objects or flowers.

The walls in your hallway are invariably the likeliest to suffer scrapes and minor damage from daily traffic. Just think about handbags and bags scraping past, dirty hands leaning to remove shoes, pets brushing past you after they energetically greeted you, coat buttons, poppers and zips lightly hitting the wall as you remove your coat and finally CHILDREN (especially if they have a pen or crayon in hand)!  So with all this is mind, painting a hallway would be a more sensible option than wallpapering as you can easily brush over and fix and problem areas with a paint brush.

It’s worth mentioning as people do tend to forget this old and obvious trick that applies in most rooms. Simply adding a mirror does make the space feel larger and maximises natural light by reflecting it. Besides which, who doesn’t want to give themselves the once over before they leave their home?

A small area needs to be clutter free in order to maintain the appearance of a larger space. Try to limit what you keep in the hallway to a minimum and only keep the essentials. Don’t pile shoe upon shoe, and don’t hang every coat you own on the coat rack. Be organised and keep one or two shoes at a time, with one or two coats and other accessories.

If you want to add a storage unit to hang your coats and store your accessories, consider a product or unit that is open faced so you can make a feature of your belongings. Storage doesn’t have to be ugly, make yours beautiful and practical.

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