Design is more than just art!

Design Book

Good design is a calculated and defined process which is often discussed in a group, taking care to ensure the objectives of a product or project are met.

In his article on art vs design, Craig Elimeliah says “A designer is similar to an engineer in that respect and must not only have an eye for colour and style but must adhere to very intricate functional details that will meet the objectives of the project. The word “design” lends itself to a hint that someone or something has carefully created this “thing” and much planning and thought has been executed to produce the imagery or materials used for the project.”

And so this is true of Leonid and the product designers at dot.home. It’s more than coming up with a concept, getting a sharpie or pencil and putting thoughts to paper. I secretly snapped the book in the picture that was laying open on Leonid’s desk. This is the detail to which products are thought about. The ergonomics of a product and affective engineering which is the discipline of designing products to be psychophysically more appealing to the human mind and senses are all part and parcel of the product process at dot.home. We don’t just want our products to look good, but want them to feel good too.
– @AB.