Nature in design

Volcanic Rock used as interior decoration in Tenerife

I was lucky to spend a week in Tenerife recently. To many, the island is known as a destination for package holidays, cheap alcohol and nightclubs. Certain areas such as Playa de las Americas & Los Cristianos are known for this but beyond the mass tourism is an island different in nature between the northern and southern halves. 48% of the island is designated protected land and thanks to the lack of factories the air quality is very good throughout.

The volcanic island is steeped in history and has many stunning natural features as well as remarkable ecological diversity as a result of its significant variety of micro-climates. The island is home to high mountains, Laurel forests, Pine forests, fourteen natural monuments and six special natural reserves.

During my visit I noticed that many residential buildings and businesses used natural materials for their interiors and exteriors. Using natural materials has long been a great way to add texture and definition to a space. For example, wood can bring warmth to a room, whether used in furniture or used for floor or wall panels. Natural materials such as good quality wood are durable and if well maintained will last for many years.

We appreciate the quality of natural material in design and that’s why our frames such as the .frame are all made of sustainable solid natural wood.

Local volcanic rock was plentiful in Tenerife and used effectively both indoors and outdoors to provide cooling organic formations and an alternative to plain walls.

The exterior volcanic rock allowed lizards native to the island to shelter from the searing heat.

Intelligent placement of plants and palm trees provided both freshness and shaded relief from the sun. These elements were beautifully sculptured at night with smart lighting

Next time you go on holiday, see how your surroundings have incorporated natural materials. If you have any interesting images, we’d love to see them. Share on our Facebook page or email them to us so we can add them to this blog post.