Shelving advice for your home

Dot Home Angled Shelf - perfect to display magazines

It might seem blindingly obvious but if you keep piling your gizmos, gadgets, magazines, books or objects of desire on tables, sideboards or the floor, then it’s time to get some shelving in your life.

Shelving is a vital part of room design. Get it wrong and you have a monstrous piece of furniture overshadowing the home accents you’ve so carefully curated. Get it right, however, and you’ll be amazed at how much inspiration you can draw from it.

Just as my dear mother always likes to remind me, “there’s a place for everything” and so it’s true of shelving too. You need to look at your space and decide what kind of shelves your space or room needs.

So where do you start when there’s so much to choose from? The important things to bear in mind are that your shelves are there to help you declutter, to present your possessions in a visually appealing manner and to allow you easy access to your belongings. With this in mind let’s look at the options.

Hanging Shelves are a great solution for storage. They’re usually attached to a wall by a bracket. There is an abundant supply of designs in all manner of colours and materials. Make clever use of materials like plain glass and mirrored glass to spread light. Use natural materials such as wood to give a warm homely feel. Look for geometric shapes to add depth or dimension to a plain wall. Or dress your wall with a shelf that’s brightly coloured to make the room pop or colour match with other home accessories & furniture such as throws, cushions or chairs.

Bookshelves can be both simple or majestic. If you prefer a modern look, sparsely adorn them with collectables, coffee table books or magazines. The odd small plant here and there will add colour and life. If you prefer the grandiose look, adorn them hardback books, vases and curio objects to make a statement piece.

Modular Shelves are perfect if you like to change things around. Playful and fun you can customise their configuration to suit your style or needs. At dot.home, we specialise in playful yet thoughtful design and modular shelving is a forte of ours. Take a look at our .system shelving unit or our .frame shelving unit for inspiration. We use natural and sustainable wood in our products. There’s no veneer here!

Corner shelves are best for awkward or small spaces. They cleverly utilise an area of room normally difficult to furnish. Corner shelves are more likely to be found in bathrooms and kitchens but are equally acceptable in a porch, hallway or living room.

Take your time when choosing your ideal shelving, especially if you’re going to attach it to your walls. There’s nothing worse than looking at piece of furniture day after day that you’re not 100% keen on. And finally, if you are wall hanging a shelf, spare yourself (and your wall) the pain of having to re-drill holes by using a spirit level to keep everything straight and inline.